Privacy Policy

The privacy note chimes in upgrading your rapport with our Gmail Support services. In this context, we ascertain all nitty-gritty about our modus-operandi reckoning your privacy concerns. To keep you on the track, the key points are indicated in the following:

The data we need : We allude to the details that personify you and, according to the choices you mark on our given options, we bring forth Customer Services and important products in your interest. Along with what services you opt for, we also keep a track on how you use them. The required pieces of information to facilitate our services into your Gmail account enlist, your personal details (name, age, gender, marital status, password, geo-location, alternate email id etc), device information, log details and service activation de

Reasons for which we need your details: Your information is essential for our services to function in your care. We might need it, to acknowledge your query as well as to administer it accordingly. We may go through your domain statistics and as the rules apply, it either sustains or obstructs your account. We may likely to assign some of your profile details to our affiliates for peripheral processing or for any demanding security measures but with your consent. Generally, the user details are conserved to abide with the legal terms and limitations.

How we use your information: The information we gather from all our services is subsequently shaped up to provide you more relevant deals and search outcomes. Meanwhile, we adhere to regard your preferences in account visibility settings. Certainly, there might be some disciplines that you could not realize in the first go but likely to employ them in the long run. Amidst this notion, we notify you about the upcoming and popular trends and guide you in retaining them. Your log details are used for monitoring the site access, tracking user actions and collecting analytical data of your call up sessions with our Gmail Customer Service team for internal use.

Our potential means to safeguard your information: We emphasize chiefly on the security of your information. Precisely, Gmail privacy settings enable to store all your log details including your IP addresses which is used to access the site along with the dates and times of access. We pick up this information and store in our database maintaining your privacy standards.

We enunciate the confidentiality and alleviation of your Gmail account. And of course, we always keep an eye on openings that would amount to lateral moves associated with any risk factor to your account. As soon as we get any formal complaints, we respond immediatel:y with optimized solutions to overcome all your Gmail related queries. Adding to the note, we respect your preferences to limit the account visibility as well as your will to review the precious versions of privacy concerns.



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